Expected Timetable for Satisfying Pre-Dissertation Requirements

Students who enter with a Master’s degree in a science must satisfy the course requirement by the end of their second year. Those who enter without a Master’s degree in a science must satisfy both the science and course requirements by the end of their third year. All students must pass one of their two examinations by the end of the Fall quarter of their third year, and the other by the end of the Spring quarter of that year.

The proposal hearing for the dissertation should be held by the spring quarter of the fourth year. Every year in the Spring quarter, the Committee evaluates the progress of each student who has not yet passed a dissertation proposal hearing. If he or she is not advancing in accordance with the above listed expectations, then, in the absence of special circumstances, the student will either be dropped from the program outright, or placed on probation with a strict timetable for the following year. Failure to comply with the timetable will be automatic grounds for dropping the student.