Debating Darwin

Phillip Sloan - Sept. 30 2011

Natural-Historical Realism and the Epistemology of Darwin's Descent

James Lennox - Oct. 14 2011

Accentuate the Negative: A Puzzle about the Structure o Darwin's Origin Solved. The second in the Debating Darwin Workshop series at the University of Chicago, headed by Robert J. Richards (Chicago) and Michael Ruse (Florida State).

Robert J. RIchards and Michael Ruse - Oct. 28 2011

Debating Darwin: Robert J. RIchards (Chicago) and Michael Ruse (Florida State) square off and debate their two incommensurable takes on Charles Darwin's influences, perpsectives, and meaning.

Gregory Radick - Nov. 11 2011

Lessons of the Galapagos: Gregory Radick (University of Leeds) reflects upon Darwin's trip to Galapagos Islands and his subsequent exhanges with Charles Lyell. Radick also looks at scientific and theological problems with the "No Desinger Worth His Salt" argument, and how the inhabitants of the Galapagos complicate it.

Thomas Kuhn Conference

Round Table Discussion- November 30, 2012

A Round Table discussion with the four speakers from the 30 November 2012 day of the conference: Lorraine Daston, George Reisch, Daniel Garber, and Norton Wise.

Norton Wise- December 1, 2012

A smoker's Paradigm- Norton Wise, 50th Anniversary of Kuhn's Structures of Scientific Revolution