Postdoctoral Researcher

Grounded in decades of teaching programming and managing computer technology, as well as philosophical research and teaching at the University of Chicago, William Sterner’s project aims at reconstituting the teleological significances surrounding the cultural disruptions generated by technological innovation and new scientific knowledge. He’s seeking to identify the ethical and political impacts of these productive disruptions across the existing variety of common sense habitats. His general approach to this problem is through the different kinds of expressiveness of computed symbolizations and natural language discourse. By bridging between these two modes of linguistic agency, he intends to foster an enriched telic synthesis of modern sci/tech and common sense habitats that depends on developing hybrid combinations of univocal and polyvocal scientific terms through discourse. Discursive arguments can include teleological reasoning with its powers to productively and beneficially complete human experiencing within its diverse habitats through positive growth and integration. Overall, he’s pursuing this research in relation to the hybrid disciplines of Digital Humanities and the problematics of 'humanizing the digital' in a developing cultural aesthetics of countably infinite precisions.